Seville Ko

AKA (The Cowardly Con Artist) very adapt at the art of the Con

Description 5’9 185

Drives a rented black Cadillac


Believe absolutely nothing this guy tells you!

SKO Fitness is a Bankrupt LLC.

Isogenic is an unregulated supplement company that he pushes and receives money for everything you buy.

He is under investigation by the Johnson County Procrustes office. Don’t believe it? Call them and find out for yourself.

He has many victims so if you too have been cheated just respond with your story to  and I will add it to this site.



His & Hers Fitness: Got his start there and promptly “acquired” customers for himself and was on his way. I’m sure they would be happy to tell you about his values, or lack of in his case.

Every Employee who has worked for him: He currently has three cases pending against him with the Kansas Department of Labor for not paying them. He even sent nude photos of an employee to her family.

Every “Partner” he has ever had. A list with contact information will be sent upon request.



Con Artist Contact Information

His Address: 14651 Broadmoor, App 21205 Overland Park KS 66223


Phone: 913-957-6201

Phone: 816-699-3932


Don’t expect an answer, this guy is a coward. He will not tell the truth and will cry if cornered to try and get out of trouble.



Added from new source: SKO Fitness: Even though he claims to own this bankrupt and dissolved company it was closed on 2-2-2014 in order to avoid paying employees and business partners. I guess he should probably take the “Entrepreneur” off that Linkin profile. The official reason he filed with the Kansas Secretary of State was “Could no longer afford monthly overhead and expenses causing bankruptcy.”